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We grew up having BBQ in the summertime, and some of our fondest childhood memories are of dad at the grill and mom at the stove cooking grandma D's special recipe sauce . . .

When we were kids, just smelling that sauce simmering for hours on the stove-- boy, we knew dinner would be good that night for sure. And with a large family like our's we were also sure there would be a fight over that last piece of BBQ!

After we grew up, my brother and I continued to BBQ every chance we could, sharing grandma D's recipe with our own families and our friends. Everyone told us we should bottle our fabulous BBQ sauce and we finally have! Now it's your turn to taste the best BBQ sauce made with only the best ingredients, just like grandma D always made it.

As for the future-- it looks even brighter because due to overwhelming feedback, we plan to offer a "Carolina Style" BBQ sauce very soon. Drop us an email and we'll let you know when our blazing hot BBQ sauce is ready for you to taste.

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